More than just a grooming and pet store, the DogSpa is a palace for puppies, a place where Fido is king and dogs rule. Leave your worries at the door, as our professional staff will pamper your pooch with the gentlest of touches and the finest of methods in the canine industry.

Provide a warm and friendly experience for you and your dog while offering only
the best in dog grooming, specialty products and anything and everything else
that has to do with dogs. We are committed to providing a state-of-the-art
facility with the highest standard of excellence in grooming, dog care, nutrition,
apparel and cleanliness.

We are dedicated dog lovers. No worry of leaving your dog with a stranger, as
our staff is committed to having them feel right at home and will play with them
during the duration of their stay at the DogSpa! We offer only the finest
products available. We believe that dogs are not just pets, but are invaluable
parts of our family. We believe they come first, just as we come first in their lives.

  Commodore Plaza (45 Enon Street)
North Beverly, MA (978) 922-9227
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