The grooming salon at Dogspa is under the direction of a top notch team of groomers offering a complete range of services-from basic bathing and grooming, to the most specialized dog care. We also offer a wide range of innovative coat treatments to pamper your pet, from aromatherapy baths to exfoliating treatments for dry coats.

All of our dogs will benefit from our Hydro Surge spa baths and “quiet room” kennels. The grooming salon at Dogspa features state-of-the-art equipment within a beautifully designed facility intended to create the most positive experience possible for your special pet.

Our standards for animal care

Our air exchange system meets or exceeds standards set for veterinary hospitals. Fresh air is fully exchanged every 12 minutes.
All cages meet the highest standards of quality.
All grooming tables are customized with anti-fatigue matting and are adjustable in height.
Every tub is equipped with Hydro Surge spa bath to minimize stress and maximize cleanliness of skin and coat.
Every tub features entry/exit ramps so there is no lifting or jumping by the animal.
Soundproof “quiet room” kennels and aromatherapy treatment


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