Located in the DogSpa Facility, the Proper Puppy Training Series is a limited enrollment, small-class environment that focuses on building and nurturing a cooperative relationship between you and your puppy. Our two professional canine trainers and nutritionists are there to help you focus on the problem areas of nipping, barking, piddling, leading as well as learning the art of obedience.  Never before has such an amazing collaboration materialized with specific focus on maintaining an incredibly small class environment.

6 Week Seminar

The series is a 6-week seminar that engages in positive reinforcement techniques. Going beyond developing a respectful relationship between you and your dog, our trainers and nutritionists will guide you on proper exercise levels, appropriate dietary needs and intake amounts, as well as integration and socialization to other dogs

Karen Fischer, regarded by her peers as the best on the North Shore since 1986, along with Nita Shaw, her protégé and fellow professional trainer, exemplify DogSpa’s philosophy of gentle handling, patience and empathetic understanding of our dogs’ individual needs. These two professional trainers work side-by-side in every class, not only handling each dog with love and care but advising each owner on the proper overall mental and physical health, play styles and family integration.


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